Hi my name is Carlos, Founder and head cinematographer for Azul Dream Films.

I’m grateful to God for giving me the ability to create these amazing videos!

I’m a husband, a father to the beautifulest girl in the world, love my golden retriever, and am a musician at heart, and a passionate film maker. I’m a very diverse artist with a deep passion for creating something new. I believe everyone has beauty and a story to tell and I’m there to tell that story for my very special brides and grooms.

I went to The Art Institute of Houston for multimedia and web design. There I learned how to operate a camera and learned about photo and video editing. My style of editing is dramatic, romantic, and cinematic. I want to bring out the best in the couples I serve and make them look their absolute best on their wedding day. I know the art of light and how to work with it to make the bride and groom look their best. I believe in creating a family treasure that everyone will love.

I named our company “Azul Dream Films,” because on our honeymoon with my wife we took a trip to Cancun. There was a restaurant there we really liked by the beach called “Azul.” That was some of the most funnest moments my wife and I have shared together. There were many surreal moments during that trip. When we started the company we had in mind the idea to give couples films that would make them feel very special no matter how big or small the wedding. We wanted them to feel like we felt in Cancun! Just amazing and in awe of the surroundings and the love that was in the air. We have seen so many weddings with so many styles throughout the years. We understand many of the details that encompass a wedding. Therefore, I can assure you that with Azul Dream Films you’re in really good hands and you’re choosing an amazing experience. We will take good care of you.

So if you’ve read this far and like the work we have done let’s get this started for you! Let’s create an amazing and memorable film that you will treasure for a lifetime! Contact me today and lets talk about your dream wedding film.

- Carlos